Elementary & Middle School Day Camp


Who can enroll?

Any student who is entering 4th through 8th grade in the Fall 2019 academic year can enroll to be in the elementary and middle school debate labs.

What is the curriculum?

Elementary and Middle School debate at the George Mason Debate Institute is considered one of the class sections for the Public Forum debate lab, but their curriculum is tailored to their age and the day camp is scheduled for a separate week than the main High School Institute. 

The topic chosen for the camp is normally meant to encourage student participation and interest, and less focus is given to research skills development. More focus is given to persuasive speaking experience and learning the form of debate. Students in the middle school and elementary school labs for public forum have shorter class periods, a specific textbook written by the Mason faculty, and a recess break each day. 

The Textbook

With consultation from the GMU education department, the George Mason Debate Institute staff crafted a workbook for each lab at the day camp last year. This workbook will be edited each year to encourage innovative learning.

An example of one of the textbooks from last year can be found here:

GMDI 2018 5-6 Grade Workbook (pdf)


About Us

Camp Dates

Mason Debate Youth Day Camp will be hosted from Monday, June 24 to Saturday, June 29.

Class Time

We offer a Day Camp Regular and Extended course time. 

Day Camp Regular runs from 9am to 3pm each day.

Day Camp Extended runs from 9am to 5pm each day.


Day Camp Regular: $450

Day Camp Extended: $595

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